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This game is awesome, if only they had released full in-game OST than just the 2 tracks in mini OST.

I think they used Royalty free music, I heard one of the tracks in the game that is the same as one from Monster Girl Quest of all games lol Umi2 ~

There's an OST available from BOOTH by the developers:

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Thank you~ I checked out the music, they are still missing music they have in game that is not included, I still believe they used some Royality Free Music in there. I really like to know what they used, I would appreciate it any info on that.


Finished all in one siting. Really enjoyed this VN!


Just wanted to say that this is one of the best VNs I have ever played. Art and story are A++ I hope someone will translate more of Uzumeya's works because I only understand a little bit of Japanese TT_TT


Thanks for making this game free.

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Got a question. So, the main character that we're playing is Chester, but the characters he interacts with are also boys, so is this BL or does this VN not contain romantic content?


komae :)


It doesn't adhere to easy to define genres, but it's somewhat written at female audiences (direct comment from developer's homepage) and there's a fair bit of male bonding. 


"written at female audiences" - not only females can play in BL novels =•= 


He means that females are more likely to enjoy it.

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I just beat the game like hours ago but i have to ask will there be a sequel to this. The epilogue kind of hint of a new story If you know what i mean...


Glad to hear! The story is self-contained and there is no sequel planned.

Oh that unfortunate :(  The game was so good that im craving for more but thax.  ^_^

Here's hoping they make more games! :)