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Hi there. The graphics and art are visually stunning. May I ask how long it took to make your art? What was harder? Coming up with a story for the novel or making all that art for the novel?


Free Yuri VN? Snatched

Are the other two Yuri as well?

how do you get if for free?  saw it was free but here it says it's 17.99 so don't know 

The free VN giveaway ended earlier today, I'm afraid.

ooh thanks for the info

Hi. Can someone tell me how to install the game? I've already downloaded the file. 😔

Double click on the SeaBed_Installer.exe file from where you downloaded it, if you get a pop-up saying Windows protected your PC, click on more info, then click on Run anyway. If you get a pop-up from the User Account Control, click yes. Then just follow the instructions from the installer


Thank you so much for the game!!! Does include a steam key?

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thanks for made it, and thanks for be free to "stay at home" :) have a good day

We hope you'll enjoy it!

Thank you Fruitbat Factory!!


Thank you for making it free! So kind of you!




Personally, I think the game looks fantastic (I'm so in love with the main picture of them under the water! The art is gorgeous!) and I plan on purchasing it once I've got the $$ to afford it. ♥